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Sessions & Services

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Intuitive Art & Painting  

Private Art Party

Art brought to you, for an amazing party


Intuitive Art, Technical Art, One-on-one

Private art session

One - on - one art session to level up your artistic expression


Intuitive Art & Painting, Meditative, Art Alchemy, Art Therapy

Energy Healing

& Art

Therapeutic art & energy healing


Shamanic energy healing, Light codes transmission & channeling, Light Magick, Energy Cleansing

Cleansing Ceremony

Deep cleansing of energy fields, centres and boosting to your etheric body

Third Eye

Energy Healing, Coaching, Light codes transmission & channeling

Spiritual Coaching

Deep dive into your life and soul. Coaching that helps you find your lasting joy and peace

Mystic Eye

Intuitive Art & Painting

Art & Wine

Be guided into your painting masterpiece with a glass of wine

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-07 at 16.11_edited.jpg

Intuitive Art & Painting, Meditative, Art Alchemy

Mandala Painting

Create your own, powerful mandala


Light codes transmission & channeling

Discovery Session

A starter session to find out what is recommended for you in your healing journey.

Golden Chakra

Shamanic energy healing, 

Light code transmission & channeling 

Reiki Therapy

Shamanic healing & Reiki therapy for pure relaxation 

Energy Healing

Energy Healing, Light code transmissions & channeling

Tarot Card spread

Get answers & guidance on your questions 

Tarot Cards

Expose your inner colours

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