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Reiki Energy Healing

Pure relaxation with Reiki therapy

  • 1 hour
  • 75 euros
  • Exposed Lifestyle Art Space

Service Description

Reiki is an ancient healing technique designed by channeling energy into the patient, to activate the natural and powerful healing processes of the body and to restore physical and emotional well-being. Awaken to your inner callings with your practitioner in your healing journey. You will receive a full body reiki therapy (45 minutes) with a free gift of "energy pollution cleanse" of your etheric field. It is recommended to book a package of reiki sessions, to maximise & feel the deep benefits of reiki therapy. What you may expect: All clients are different, however here is a list of some sensations - Deep relaxation - Potential messages or simply beautiful visuals - Tingles on your body and energetic field - Feeling of "lightweight" - Joy, giggling or simply feeling happy :) - Heat or cold points in body - Movement of pressures / pains such as headaches as energy is being channeled - Slight pressures on body - Drifting to sleep - After session: Very calm or in peace - After session: Body may ache temporarily in some areas as tensions release - After session: Desire to drink plenty water - After session: May feel energised or contrary need to get plenty rest - After session: Changes in body temperature as body & energy field adjust - After session: Potential tastes in mouth as sweet or metallic as body adjust to new energy field - Benefits: Changes in your physical body and your reality - Benefits: Health advancements - Benefits: Improved mood - Benefits: Improved sleep - Benefits: Calmer and more peaceful - Benefits: Growth in self love - Benefits: Sudden "growths" or "awakenings" in your personal self & healing journey * Important note* Please be mindful to give yourself resting time prior and after your healing session as your body may experience feelings such as fatigue, headaches, slight pains, total relaxation, among other sensations, as it adjusts to your new energetic field. It is important to stay mindful and allow appropriate rest. Please avoid consuming alcohol and any altering substances 24 hours prior and after a session. For any more questions please don't hesitate to contact me now.

Cancellation Policy

Please read: Cancellations are allowed latest 2 days before event date, where you will be allowed to reschedule your event. This must be respected as refunds are not offered due to the tight booking scheme.

Contact Details

  • Exposed Lifestyle Art Space

    70 Rue des Trevires, 2628, Luxembourg

    +352 621 623 564

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