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Art & Wine

A place where you can come, feel safe, enjoy your own presence and

learn to paint - all with a wonderful glass of wine.

Enjoying and appreciating two creations of art, together - now isn’t that poetic? However, there is a twist. You didn’t sign up to paint by numbers,

you came here to discover, to make yourself present, to let yourself be guided into your own expression - your own unique painting.

In my Art & Wine sessions, I guide and teach techniques that are necessary to your current state and level within your painting.

I prefer to challenge you, gently, and let the techniques fold into your current state so you learn through an attuned way of painting.

Why is this so awesome?

Because everyone’s work is so unique,

vibrant and energetic.

The process of the Art&Wine is enjoyable, because it is liberating.

Incase you haven’t seen my instagram (@xposed_lifestyle_studio)

the paintings are just stunning (a lot of which are first-time artists!)

So come and join us in the Art&Wine sessions, for a great time with dear friends - or to make new ones!

Let yourself get taken into your process with the artistic atmosphere and music, and complement the moment with a beautiful glass of wine.

Have an amazing day Dear Art Lover,


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