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MamaJu's Art Thoughts: EXPANSION

During the last few days, there has been a word that has been repeating itself in my reality; Expansion. What an incredible word, and indeed an incredible experience, to be able to expand and express in this life.

What does expansion mean to you?

In my artistic eye, expansion is the expression and desire to grow through your body, mind and spirit, our consciousness. Our energetic body is expressing its desires to our physical body.

Using art as a medium, is an excellent way to allow and

encourage your expansion.

Being the artist, means to be your own creator,

by nourishing and honouring yourself through your expression.

When you come to my sessions, and you paint from your specific inspiration image, you become essentially focused on your being in the present moment, making decisions along your journey to create your own vision, your expression, your artwork, your reality.

Your expansion of consciousness happens throughout this process, effortlessly.

This is why you feel compelled to continue your creative expression through other mediums after my sessions, such as playing your instruments, writing that book you've been holding back, testing out new art mediums at home... you are expanding!

Let yourself expand and express!

The more free and fearless you become in your expressions, the more control and effortless ease comes into your reality. In other words, the more you become confident in yourself to make that painting, connect to your tools, that paintbrush, palette knife, let those tools become the extension of your body. Then, your painting reflects your being;

An absolute f***ing masterpiece.


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