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Art & Energy Healing; Interview

Amazing time chatting with Elodie from She posts about healthy and uplifting lifestyle activities that truly inspire. Talking about art and energy is something I can go on about for hours, however we managed to fit it into a nice easy read. Enjoy!

Ink on paper

Q: How do you link art and healing during your sessions ?

A: I imply and push energetic healing in ALL of my sessions, as much as are allowed. From light work, webbing, cleansing and channeling…there are multiple ways I link art and healing in my sessions.

One explanation of how I link healing in my sessions is through encouraging intuitive listening, feeling and expression in my clients. It is an essential step in the healing process! In other words, I really avoid telling my clients “what to do” and instead am their guide, working with what is existing in their energetic field, their comfort zone and capabilities.

If clients allow their intuition to lead along with my expertise, the intuitive calling of experiencing different mediums and results are kind of like an energetic equation that leads to transformation (therefore healing)!

There is a big dive into the quantum world, in fact, I had to stop myself from writing more!

Q: How do you observe your clients transform during your sessions ? A: I see my clients transform through many forms : body language, color choices, brush strokes and forms, inspirations they chose, to more energetic values such as their energetic field and vibrations. I observe and feel their progress, connect through their energetic body, and come in to give essential tips and guidance. I create a safe space for expression & creation, even if it is just a three hour session.

Clients transform beautifully, like a flower blooming. They may enter at first with some insecurities or curiosities, and as the creative process opens, they start to open with it, blossoming with more and more confidence or self expression. It's f*cking amazing. When sessions are over I feel a lot of energy from them, clients have an open field, it somehow radiates more and there is a glow to them. Smiles and laughter is definitely the cherry on top. 🍒

Client from Exposed Lifestyle Studio's painting session

Q: Can you tell us a bit about color therapy ? A: Did you know we actually experience the colours we see? By adding intentions or awareness to our colour choices, we are indeed healing or using color as therapy. Simply put, we can apply this through our everyday experiences such as through food, clothing, etc. For a very simplified example, if you want to feel, say, more creative and energised in a specific area of your life, you can use more yellow and orange. Wearing color combinations are powerful too. This is why sometimes you really love that print clothing with specific colours and other days you don’t - your energetic field simply needs or doesn’t need that color energy code for it in that time. Cool right? For a deeper explanation through artistic expression, I will give you an example: You are painting and called towards a specific colour, let’s say it is Cadmium red. You are actually experiencing this red, the vibration of this red is entering your perception and energetic field. When you take it and then use it, manipulate it, mix it, start to paint with it, change its values and forms, your are starting to put yourself and needs into the mix . Your energetic body knows that it needs this specific red in certain forms and shapes. This experience is of course amplified depending on the intentions and state of awareness you are in, which is what I love to work on in my Art & Healing sessions with my dear clients. I have to note, for ultimate healing effectiveness, I advise anyone interested in deep colour therapy, to have a professional guide you, as myself, because it can be easy to get lost in the process. Not to say it would not be a beautiful experience without someone guiding you (of course it would be), it is simply beneficial and can be more productive to have someone who is centered and experienced in the energetic realm to guide you through depths. It is a question of perception, you have your perceptions and with another person guiding you and being present with you on your journey, your experience and dimension expands because you have (minimum) two beings focusing on the one experience! Its basically double the power and greater depths! Q: Do you have any advice on creating some art pieces that represent your authentic self ? A: I will keep it simple…. Firstly, create a space for yourself you feel comfortable in. Make it YOU. Make it beautiful, have good lighting (ideally access to natural light), clean it up, this space should be like your safe space… adding music that corresponds to your state of being. The more comfortable and amazing you feel, the stronger your self expressions will be. Then another tip I have is, try your best to remove limited beliefs and judgments. The list would go on and on but I feel these two are essential top tips for a healthy authentic expression: Comfortable & safe space + no judgements = let yourself fly. 🕊

Julie & her artwork from childhood

Q: How did you come to the process of combining art and therapy ? A: As a child I always loved art, fine art / dancing, oh and teaching - holding a space! I noticed the energetic world as far back as I can remember. It was how I spent most of my time, noticing and observing this dimension, speaking and teaching my friends / imaginary friends, painting and dancing. I continued to love art and painting in school and university.

For some period of my life, I fell into the “role play” of ego, and what I “need to be”. I noticed this did not make my soul sing and vibrate, so I felt pushed to embark on following my heart wishes which was teaching to others. By doing so, I continued my own healing path, and strengthened my know-how, skills, and knowledge of art and therapy. I literally jumped in! Quit my job and started my business.

It felt (and still feels) so good, I will never forget it.

I am making Art & Therapy accessible , and something that is not intimidating but actually a lot of fun and a pleasure to experience. Normalising self-expression, self-love and healing. ♥️ Q: How did your love for creation and particularly creating art pieces form ? A: I always had so much fun entering my own dimension when I paint or make any art. I love how it makes me feel. I love observing my reality, and dissecting the visual illusions… seeing forms and shapes, shadows and mastering the craft. It’s a lot of fun for me and helps me to communicate how I perceive my world. It’s not even so much about the final art piece. It is about the process, where I sit in my zone, feel the paints or brushes, smell the chemicals and pigments… its just such an experience for me. It is love for me, all my emotions are through it, I feel divine and unstoppable, happiness, joy, sensuality, sadness, pain, laughter, power, light, freedom, oh the list doesn’t stop. I get turned on and fall in love with myself! I learn about myself every time, like I am meeting a new part of me and honouring it. My artwork is me and everything and everyone, it is everything and nothing.

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