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Styling & Advising services

We offer you the possibility to change the style and appearance of your interior with harmony.

We want to make the energy and feel of your space to an interior you will love and feel a personal connection to.

Interior Design Objects


Starting with a first meeting in order to assess your specific needs and to get to know you better. We will establish an offer tailored to your specific needs as well as your interests relevant to the project.

After our meeting, we will come back to you with a project proposal and a budget.

Once accepted, we advise to continue meetings and/or communications, to be assured you are happy with the direction our project is heading.  

Wall Decorations


From single room projects, to shopping boards, we want to make  interior styling available to you. 

We love to make our interiors unique and fitting to each client as an individual, so that you will truly love your space.

Interior Styling: Services

Selection of past interior styling projects

Visual communication is key.

As we work with clients, visualisations are used to get an imagination and feel for the mood of the project.

Baby nursery
Baby nursery
Baby nursery
Baby nursery
Living room mood board
Living room
Twins room mood board
Twins room
Feminine bedroom concept
Master Bedroom
Bedroom Romina
Bedroom Romina
Bedroom Sophie
CasaJ Floorplan render
Sketching works
Interior Styling: Gallery


Do you have any questions or concerns regarding a potential project or event? We are here to listen.

Don't hesitate to write us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Interior Styling: Contact
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