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Your Home for Art Alchemy and Energy Healing
Experience the magic of your creative energy

Expose your inner colours 

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Watercolor Painting

Art Alchemy 
Paint from your Soul
Energy Healing & Spiritual Coaching 


At Exposed Lifestyle Studio, you will find the unique combination of intuitive painting and energy healing, coming together in an unforgettable blend. 

Intuitive Art & Art Alchemy 

Art Alchemy is using the power of creative expression to connect with your subconscious;

aligning your mind, body and spirit. 


With your guide, it is a powerful tool that can be used to promote healing and positive energy in your life.


Each creative session is expertly designed to allow you to safely express and connect to your inner-self.

Art Sessions

Sessions are developed and guided by Julieyour professional artist & energy healing practitioner, and are created to help you tap into your inner creativity, develop your artistic talents, and unleash your true potential. 

In the studio, or brought to you,

an array of tools and resources are provided for you, to help you discover your inner artist and develop your creative and artistic skills.


Whether you're a seasoned painter or absolute beginner, all sessions are tailored to provide a fun, engaging, and memorable experience!

Energy Healing &

Spiritual Coaching

Exposed Lifestyle Studio is a sanctuary for those seeking peace and healing in their lives.


Energy healing through spiritual coaching and reiki therapy sessions are specifically designed to help individuals achieve balance and harmony in their mind, body and spirit.


As your committed practitioner, I am passionate to helping you unlock your full potential and guiding you towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.


Schedule a session today and begin your journey towards purpose,

inner peace and joy.

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